What Others Say

In 2015 I was in an automobile accident and sustained a life altering injury. After several months of pain, I realized I needed surgery and began the daunting task of dealing with insurance companies, paying my medical bills, and getting orthopedic referrals. It was at this time I consulted with Elan Firpo at Bragg, Mainzer & Firpo. I had no idea of the complexity of my situation when I hired her and her firm. Elan was very prompt, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions. I now realize I could not have navigated through this process without Elan’s expertise. I felt that Elan was dedicated to my case as I recovered from my injury and moved on with my life. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the representation I received.

Craig P.
Eureka, CA

I was represented over a period of 3 years on a wrongful death case by Ben Mainzer. Through the hardest period of my life, Ben was able to be sensitive and compassionate while also providing excellent legal work that led to a very positive outcome.  I felt that Ben had my best interests at heart in every way.  I never felt pressured as we worked through an emotionally challenging process. At the beginning of this process I expressed specific goals above and beyond financial compensation, and Ben and his team were able to meet every one of those goals. I feel incredibly grateful to have had him as my lawyer.

Eureka, CA

I am extremely happy with the representation Ben Mainzer and his entire office provided.  Thanks to Ben’s hard work and the work of the other attorneys and staff, I could not be happier with the outcome of my case.  All the attorneys and their staff were prompt to respond to my phone call and emails. I felt as though they genuinely cared about me and my case and that my case was as important to them as it was to me. I would like to thank each of them for caring, working endless hours and making the whole process easier.  If you need top-quality legal representation, I highly recommend Ben Mainzer!

Patty C.
Eureka, CA

I struggle in putting this down in words because they seem so inadequate in trying to express the depth of my gratitude for what Benjamin Mainzer has done for me.  He was my voice, my champion, my confidante, and my advocate.  From the moment I first met Benjamin Mainzer he was straight-forward, personable, compassionate, and professional.  Sexual assault is not an easy topic and when I first came into his office, still traumatized by what had happened to me, it was difficult for me to even talk about it out loud.  Ben took my case seriously and handled it with grace and dignity.  He never flinched, never sugar-coated anything, and was with me every step of the way.  Ben was always willing to take my calls, to address my concerns, or to sit down with me and help me understand measures we were taking to move forward with the case.  Ben stood up for me and aided me in taking on my assailant.  He helped me through the hardest time of my life and though I was terrified, I always knew I could count on him.  Benjamin Mainzer is not only an outstanding lawyer, the kind of lawyer you want fighting on your side, he is also a remarkable human being.  It is with the highest praise that I recommend him to anyone in need of superb representation.

Meridith B.
Blue Lake, CA

Ben Mainzer represented me in my wrongful termination case and he was relentless in his efforts to obtain the truth and just compensation for my loss. He guided me through the process, consistently communicating my options and he understands the importance of you, the client, making the ultimate decisions. My unexpected situation resulted in having the best professional representation from Ben Mainzer and his entire staff.

Karen K.
Eureka, CA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Bragg as a colleague, adversary, and friend for over thirty years. Quite simply, he is among the most gifted and accomplished attorneys I have ever known. His knowledge, advocacy, and formidable trial skills make him an ideal lawyer, willing and able to achieve the absolute best results for his clients.

In the community, Bill enjoys an excellent reputation for both legal ability and integrity. My own experience confirm that such reputation is well-earned. Having observed him—for many years—both in and out of court, I could attest to numerous examples of his creative (and successful) approaches to complex legal issues. At the same time, his personal honesty and devotion, above all, to his clients’ interest has constantly been of the highest order.

To the potential client I would say this: Bill Bragg is the consummate advocate who will always vigorously pursue your claim, with great skill and devotion. You will be in good hands.

James J. Steinberg, Attorney at Law
San Francisco, CA

I have known Bill Bragg for 34 years. He is a fine attorney and is respected up and down the North Coast for his superior skill and experience in all types of litigation. I would not hesitate in recommending Bill as an attorney to any of my family or friends.

Steve Weiss, Attorney at Law
Santa Rosa, CA

I met Ben Mainzer after my child almost lost her life. Ben took every phone call I ever made to him and returned them when he wasn’t available. He listened to me and heard me at my most desperate times. He spent two years and countless hours on our case and never wavered. He is a professional, relentless, courteous and compassionate attorney. Because of Ben Mainzer my child has justice and Humboldt County is a safer place.

Debra C.
Eureka, CA