Gund v. County of Trinity, et al.

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On August 30, 2011, Zwerdling, Bragg, Mainzer, & Firpo, LLP filed claims against the County of Trinity alleging employees of the County of Trinity acted negligently when on March 13, 2010, a Trinity County Sherriff’s deputy allegedly requested that James and Norma Gund investigate a 911 call originating from a residence near the Kettenpom air strip.

According to California Highway Patrol records, a female caller dialed 911 whispering, “help” over and over and indicated she was at the end of the Kettlenpom air strip. When the Sheriff’s office was unable to re-contact the caller, Trinity County Sherriff’s Corporal Ron Whitman allegedly called the Gunds who live approximately a quarter mile from the airstrip. Allegedly, Corporal Whitman told the Gunds to check on Kristine Constantino, who lived at the home from where the 911 call likely originated. According to the Gunds, Corporal Whitman indicated that the 911 call was likely a phone malfunction due to the recent bad weather and said nothing to the Gunds regarding the whispers for “help.”

Upon responding to the residence, Norma Gund went to the residence to contact Constantino while James Gund waited in the truck. Norma Gund then found the bodies of Christopher Richardson and Kristine Constantino. Also present in the residence was Tomas Gouverneur, their alleged murderer. According to the Gunds, James Gund then heard a commotion and went to check on his wife. When he entered the residence, James saw Gouverneur sliting his wife’s throat. Gouverneur then turned his attention to James who was then tased, punched and had his throat slit as well. Despite their serious injuries, both Norma and James Gund were able to escape from the residence and contact law enforcement. Gouverneur later died in a solo vehicle crash while being pursued by Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies.

More information about the facts of this case and the allegations against the County of Trinity found in the claims below. If you have information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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