Gay Couples Sue St. Joseph Hospital for Discrimination

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Case Rotan, et al. v. St. Joseph Health By Lost Cost Outpost: Ryan Burns Two gay couples employed by Eureka’s St. Joseph Hospital have filed a lawsuit against the Catholic institution alleging that hospital staff discriminated against them by refusing to let them work in the same unit with their partners while allowing straight couples to do so. READ MORE

Gund v. County of Trinity, et al.

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On August 30, 2011, Zwerdling, Bragg, Mainzer, & Firpo, LLP filed claims against the County of Trinity alleging employees of the County of Trinity acted negligently when on March 13, 2010, a Trinity County Sherriff’s deputy allegedly requested that James and Norma Gund investigate a 911 call originating from a residence near the Kettenpom air strip. According to California Highway …

Case Settlement: Partsafas v. Ingomar Club, et al.

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In 2011, Zwerdling, Bragg & Mainzer, LLP filed suit against the Ingomar Club on behalf of two former employees, Jennifer Partsafas and Patty Caetano. The suit alleged that Ms. Partsafas and Ms. Caetano were the victims of sexual harassment, failure to prevent sexual harassment, illegal retaliatory action and wrongful termination. (Partsafas v. Ingomar Club, et al. Complaint) Zwerdling, Bragg & …